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TM pedigree database

Finnish Kennel Club official database

TM links:

Kennel Chenporewa Estonia
Kennel Songcän Gampo Czech Republic
Kennel Seng Khri Hungary
Kennel Abbitt Dynasty USA
Kennel Ay-Yangadoo Estonia
Kennel Bohemia Sirague Tsekki
Kennel Detchema Netherlands
Kennel Dolina Lodowego Wichru Poland
Kennel Kunzang Estonia
Kennel Nyingma USA
Kennel Od Kremilka Czech Republic
Kennel Od Rumcajse a Manky Czech Republic
Kennel Rishiwa Estonia
Kennel Sundari Czech Republic
Kennel Z Kaskay Czech Republic
Kennel Chymera United Kingdom
TM Doris and Dodger United Kingdom
The Finnish Tibetan Association
TM breeders in Finland
TM info
Links to the Tibetan mastiff


Health links:

International Hip Dysplasia (HD) ratings
Canine genetic research in Finland


TS and other links:

Kennel Maarikan Finland
Kennel Zlaty Klondike Czech Republic
Kennel Down-Goblin Finland
Kennel Snowmuzzle's Finland
Kennel Fiorente Finland
The Finnish Tibetan Spaniel Association
Kennel Amtietam's Finland
Kennel Dischile's Finland
Susku's Kooikerhondjes
Kennel El-Riwilings Finland
The Finnsh Kennel Club